Minister Navjot Singh Sidhu Wants TV Career Too.


New Delhi: =Navjot Singh Sidhu, now a Punjab minister, has made it clear that he will not let his new job halt his television career, even though his boss, Chief Minister Amarinder Singh, has telegraphed his disapproval by asking for legal advice.
“People have elected me five times with my shows, why should that change?” the cricketer-turned-politician has stressed.
The state’s top lawyer, Advocate General Atul Nanda, confirmed today that he had received Amarinder Singh’s query on whether Mr Sidhu can legally continue with his TV shows. “Yes, the Chief Minister has asked for legal advice, I will provide it once I receive the files,” Mr Nanda said today.
It is not a question of law but propriety, say sources close to Mr Sidhu. They say while there are many examples of ministers continuing their careers as lawyers or pilots, he is being targeted “only because he’s on TV”.
Last week, Mr Sidhu, 53, was sworn in along with eight cabinet ministers as part of the new Punjab government led by Amarinder Singh.
After the Congress’s victory in Punjab, there was speculation that Mr Sidhu, a prized catch for the party, would land the second-best job of Deputy Chief Minister but that did not happen. He has been assigned the far less weighty Local Bodies ministry. Some believe his insistence on continuing with his TV career is a form of protest.
But other reports suggest the flamboyant commentator and comedy show regular asked for a lighter ministry so that he can continue seamlessly with his TV shows.
Known for his endless supply of quotable quotes and quips, Mr Sidhu has been part of stand-up comedian Kapil Sharma’s show for years.
After Amarinder Singh’s move to go public with his objections, Mr Sidhu’s wife Navjot Kaur, a former lawmaker, spoke her mind in a Facebook post – “Shooting for two shows takes only five hours a week and that also mostly on Saturday night. I think it is a meagre time for a non-socially active God-fearing workaholic.”
sidhuMr Sidhu, a former BJP MP who joined the Congress earlier this year, has described Captain as a “father figure” but despite their show of unity, both have felt compelled to rubbish reports of a feud.